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Transformative care. Real relief.

I have spent nearly ten years working with thousands of clients to perfect the qigong healing system. Now it provides meaningful health outcomes and lasting behavior change to make your life more enjoyable.

Let go extra weight, release stress, heal and revitalize your body using easy and effective methods such as breathing, movement, energy work and guidance. Rebuild your health from inside out! Boost your energy level and with this energy manifest life you desire. 

99% lose weight with a personalized plan
100% strengthen the immune system
95% improved symptoms of stress and anxiety
92% improved symptoms of depression
94% improved blood pressure and cholesterol levels
90% improved symptoms of Insomnia


Step 1
Advanced diagnostics to find the root cause of health problems
Step 2
Weight loss program Bellevue, WA
Let go the root cause of obesity on conscious and subconscious levels
Step 3
Let go the root cause of obesity on emotional and physical levels
Founder, Alex Akselrod
Medical Intuitive Healer
Alex is a certified wellness coach, medical intuitive and expert in alternative medicine with over 10 years experience. He uses path of empowerment and healing to help clients go through major life changes, stress, and health challenges, which is a stepping stone to a better future. The big challenge is to guide his clients to changes that manifest their dream life.

What makes our weight loss solution unique?

We understand that there is no one size fits all solution. That is why we offer more than an effective way to lose weight.

We create a simple plan for every client to feel lighter and reach their weight loss goals. There are no prepackaged expensive meals, no shakes, no hormone treatment, no requirement to starve yourself or to run a treadmill for hours.

Also, we don’t offer medical supervision by a doctor programs or expensive surgical procedures. Everything you need is included in our private sessions, there are no monthly or recurring fees.

Our all natural approach is aimed at improving your overall health. The focus is to change your relationship with your body and become a happier and healthier you.


Schedule a call and let’s talk about your breakthrough needs, struggles, and big dreams.

The Movement is easily adaptable form of mind-body exercise for weight loss and to relief stress that can be practiced any place and any time, without any special equipment.
The Breathing for weight loss and stress relief is a simple and powerful technique that allows to let go any painful or unwanted feeling in the moment.
The Energy Work for weight loss stimulates the body's natural ability to heal itself on all levels - physical, emotional and spiritual.

Research shows that medical Qigong is one of the most effective complementary therapies that can be used alongside conventional medical treatments to promote health and wellbeing.



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Ready to go to let go extra weight? Fill the form to arrange a free initial consultation. Our programs designed to optimize health, mindset and productivity.


Weight loss


Activate the body’s internal energy and muscle conditioning with deep breathing to loose weight and feel balanced. 

Mental wellbeing

Mental wellbeing in Bellevue Washington

Effective methods for managing the physical and emotional consequences of stress, anxiety, and burnout. 

Immune system


With little change in your routine, ensure that your immune system is strong enough to protect you against the virus infection.

Digestive issues


Uncover the cause of ongoing symptoms, manage chronic digestive diseases, and heal your gut.

Chronic pain


Experience effective mind-body techniques that activate body’s self-healing process to let go chronic pain.



I promise you will enjoy our services. If you are not satisfied – just let me know within 7 days from the date of the consultation, and I will gladly refund the money you spend on the first session. I am sure in the quality of my service, so I can provide a guarantee.


Alex is a wellness coach, medical intuitive, and expert in alternative medicine with over 10 years experience.

Medical intuition is a special ability to discern and interpret patterns of energy in the body. It helps to identify areas of stuck energy and disbalance in an energy field.

Some people turn to medical intuitive specialists after they have been everywhere and tried everything and yet unable to improve their health.

Our clients achieve higher level of energy and focus, which often results in greater success in business and personal life.

During a weight loss session, you will receive guidance and we will work with breathing techniques, gymnastics, and energy work.

For example, I often use emotional releasing techniques. Research linked being overweight with depression and anxiety. Therefore, we let go thoughts and feelings that cause you stress and anxiety on daily basis.

First, we will acknowledge those feelings. The next step is to let go any unwanted feelings and emotions. Also, we can clear unproductive core beliefs. 

Breathing techniques, gymnastics, energy work, vibrational therapy, and meridian activation techniques will help to lose extra weight fast.

Usually, after a session clients feel relaxed and happy.  

Prior to the session eat a light healthy meal. Drink plenty of water. Avoid outside stimulation such as TV, radio, and newspapers. 

In most cases “Yes”. The Qigong Cure can work together with treatments prescribed by a doctor. If you are currently involved in any form of medical or psychological treatment then do not change your treatment plan without consulting your healthcare professional. 

No. There is no expiration on personal sessions purchased on qigongcure.com.

My ideal clients are busy professionals who want to lose extra weight. They burned out working and living in a stressful environment. Those who constantly think about their work and hit the wall. Their joy is gone. They value an expert who can expose the true root cause of the problems they are facing and guide them to the right solution for them personally.

Also, I work with children (12 and above) and students who want to lose weight, reduce stress level, anxiety, and better focus on their daily activities.

I work with elderly folks. For example, I helped to lower stress level to few clients (70 and older) who claimed that my sessions delay the effects of aging.

Our weight loss and stress relief methods are surprisingly easy and effective. Extra weight have direct relationship with how we feel on daily basis. We let go unwanted negative feelings such as apathy, anger, grief, fear, and lust. We use simple breathing techniques, movement, energy work, and personal guidance. During a private session, you don’t need to share details of personal nature. My main goals is not only to help clients to lose weight but become healthier, more aware, more alive, and more successful. 

The energy boost sessions start with light exercise, like walking in one place for a few minutes. Then you will connect to unlimited supply of Universal energy.

Yes. Every session can be custom-tailored for a client or for a small group of people. 

Yes. Gift certificates can be purchased for any amount you prefer.

All of the methods that we are using should give results. After 8 sessions most of my clients lose extra pounds and feel better. Along with our methods, it is important to make necessary lifestyle changes to lower your stress on daily basis. 

We focus on teaching one-on-one fundamentals of medical qigong that boost your well-being and allow your body to heal itself. 



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