This service includes 1 Hr Healing Session in-person or online + 4-PAGES Intuitive Medical Intuitive Report that describes energetic health of major organs, state of chakras, emotional field, and tears and holes in auric field.

The comprehensive medical energy diagnostics report by Alex Akselrod, Medical Intuitive Healer, helps to detect the root cause of illnesses. After you receive this report we schedule a private session to develop an individualized plan for healing, growth, and preventing future problems.

Only information I need for medical intuitive reading is your name and a photo attached to Registration Form HERE. I create a 4-PAGES REPORT with detailed information about your physical and emotional health.

1st PAGE OF REPORT: Vital Organs BioScan

I will check energy health of major organs such as liver, stomach, heart, lungs, brain, and kidneys. You will know which organs are energetically under stress and out of coherence.

2nd PAGE OF REPORT: Energy Field Alignment Scan

I determine if your emotional and mental energy fields are centered. In case of emotional or mental disbalance those fields can shift forward, back, right, or left.

3rd PAGE OF REPORT: Holes in Energy Field

I will check if your energy field is damaged around head, neck, chest, solar plexus, abdomen, reproductive system, and legs.

4th PAGE OF REPORT: Chakras Health

I will check for chakras imbalance. Individuals who experience too much stress mentally or physically may cause one of the chakras to be out of balance or blocked. If one of the energy centers is blocked then the flow of energy in human meridians, known as “Qi”, might be affected resulting in poor health. Then other chakras begin to compensate for it and either become overactive or underactive. Anything that disrupts the flow of Qi cause illness.

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