60-Day Energy Renewal and Awareness Program


This program is for people seeking freedom from negative thoughts, repressed emotions, unproductive core beliefs, and chronic health conditions. In this program I will help you to become more aware and focused. Increase your energy level and harmonize your body, mind, and spirit one-on-one with experienced mentor!

What is included:

• 1 in-depth discovery session to clearly identify your wellness goals and how to achieve them

• 7 private coaching sessions with unlimited text and email access

• Meditation and mindfulness education and practice for conscious wellness

• Advanced energy diagnostics to find the root cause of your health problems.

• Facilitated transformational release of your negative emotions

• Deeper energy medicine education and practice

• Tailored instruction to inform and support your journey

• Coaching that enables you to apply and sustain lifestyle changes

• Individualized energy renewal wellness strategies

• BONUS / Free eBook: “Restore Your Health in 30 Days or Less”

*Degree of health improvement will vary depending on individual health history and commitment to implement wellness plan. All of our transformational programs are based on Qigong Cure System.

Program Investment: 2 payments of $599 ($2200 VALUE).


“While I was creating the program above, I remembered how my parents described the process of teaching me how to walk when I was a baby. It was not easy first, but slowly, step by step, which was a miracle for them, I finally started to walk on my two feet. It was a joyful moment for my parents! Those first steps, as a foundation, allowed me to achieve so much more. Walking, jogging, and running was just a start of my journey. 

In this new program, I would like to share a transformational experience with you, which is no less important than learning how to walk. It is a possibility of becoming focused, more aware, more alive, and the ability to connect with unlimited supply of Universal energy that is always available for healing the body and soul. – Alex | Founder of Qigong Cure System

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