Deeply held unproductive assumptions about ourselves, other people, the world, and the future. Core beliefs usually develop in childhood, or during stressful or traumatic periods in adulthood.

I am not lovable

I am not safe

I am unworthy

My world is not safe

I do not deserve abundance

I do not have the right to belong

I am guilty

I hate myself

I must remain ashamed

I am incompetent

I am a bad person

I can not receive abundance

I am trapped

I do not belong

I am a victim

People always betray me

The world is not safe

People will heart me

I must rescue or fix others

I can not hurt other people’s feelings even if they do bad things

I must be overly sympathetic to others

I must be perfect

I am not capable

I should have done better

I am better than others

I can hurt others

I am not good enough

I am superior and can do what I want

I need to get revenge to feel good

I need to be loved and adored to feel special. 

I am special and should get special treatment

I am weak

I am a looser/failure

I will end up alone

No one likes me

I do not deserve to live

Nothing ever goes right

People can not be trusted

I am insignificant


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