Qigong is a form of meditation that has its roots in Ancient Chinese healing practice. It is a combination of controlled breathing, gentle movements, and meditation. Many people are turning towards the qigong cure for its mental, physical, and spiritual healing benefits. Qigong’s practice has helped people in curing a variety of health conditions, including high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and chronic body pain among others.

With its increasing popularity, you must be curious if you should try this healing practice or if it would work for you. We will discuss the various healing benefits of qigong in this blog and other essential factors you should know about to help you understand this Chinese healing therapy.

Qigong loosely translates to “ the master of one’s energy”, while combining two significant aspects of traditional Chinese medicine. Qigong’s healing practice is focused on cultivating the energy and strength of nature and natural elements in one’s body for promoting better mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Why do you need Qigong cure?

Traditional Chinese medicine has illustrated the causes of illnesses that one might experience. It also includes emotional or spiritual issues. The significant cause of poor health is the blockages in energy that flows through the twelve meridians or sections of the human body. Qigong’s meditative technique is one of the best healing practices as it helps in the removal of blockages and promotes the uninterrupted flow of energy through the body.  

Qigong is extensively practiced in China as a form of exercise, recreation technique, relaxation purpose, preventive medicine, and physical and mental healing. It is also widely employed in martial arts training. Despite its wide application and use by people all over the world, the research to support its healing benefits is lacking.

What are the benefits of qigong?

Qigong offers many health benefits, and some of them are backed by research like improving balance and gait, promoting physical strength, and reducing stress levels. Let’s discuss various benefits of qigong meditation:

Improved balance

The movements and techniques involved in qigong are aimed to promote awareness of your body in space, which leads to increased balance, muscular strength, and flexibility. It is safe to be practiced by individuals of all age groups and is a fun and relaxing way to improve balance andlower the risk of accidental falls.

Improving mental health

Qigong is highly focused on meditation, and meditation alone is an effective cure for mental issues such as stress and anxiety. Using qigong techniques of meditation, which involve controlled breathing and gentle movements, can help you effectively lower stress levels and symptoms of anxiety.

The calm and controlled form of breathing tells your body that there is no immediate threat, thus activating the parasympathetic nervous system or the rest and digest system. Regular practice of qigong has shown positive results in improving life quality with reduced stress, greater self-efficacy, and improved physical health.

Improved focus

A busy schedule and multiple tasks one has to deal with have affected an individual’s ability to focus. Do you remember the last time when you could just shut all the thoughts in your mind at night and focus on sleeping? Qigong’s meditative technique requires the focus of the body, mind, and breath. Regular practice of qigong will improve your ability to focus and increase concentration which will ultimately help you organize your thoughts.

Including qigong in your regular workout routine will help you lead a better and improved life. Consult a master practitioner today to become more productive in your mundane life.

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