The ancient Chinese practices of qigong are a combination of slow, mindful movements, meditation, and breathing exercises. The routines are primarily designed to enhance the focus on spiritual and physical alignment and restore energy called chi or qi. They are not designed to raise your heart rate or burn calories, but they have proved to be effective for weight loss. Qigong is a martial art that helps in improving blood circulation, balance, and alignment.

The low impact moving meditations of qigong exercises include standing and balancing. It is an excellent fitness activity that can be practiced by people of any age group. Qigong is also practiced by elite athletes to enhance their performance, balance, and muscle control. Qigong for weight loss has shown remarkable results for many people and helped them improve their life quality.

Impact of qigong movements on the body

Qigong involves low-intensity but effective movements that involve meditation and put minimal stress on joints and muscles while improving blood circulation. It targets various parts of the body, specifically the core. While you won’t be doing intense physical movements such as crunches, you will be using your core muscles as you flow from move to move. This continuous engagement of the core in qigong practice contributes to core strengthening.

Your arms and legs actively participate in movements designed for qigong in a gentle martial arts form rather than in an intense form. You will be doing movements, while standing up and synchronizing the movements with your arms and legs and keeping your body in motion. Your glutes and back will also be actively engaging in qigong movements. While the impact would be subtle, the involvement of those muscles will significantly improve their health.

Qigong movements improve your body’s flexibility and strength.Qigong movements subtly build your strength by engaging your body weight. It further leads your body to restore to a healthy weight while shedding the extra few pounds. Qigong for weight loss is not all about powering through muscular poses while engaging the whole but is about aligning the body with your mind, with subtle movements.

What else should you know about qigong?

Qigong can be practiced by beginners, who are looking for exercises that are not too much for their physical or moral strength. It makes them stronger at the core. Qigong is a convenient form of activity that can be practiced indoors or outdoors, whichever way you are comfortable. Just try to practice in an open environment where you can get fresh air and engage with nature and natural elements. There is no need for any equipment either, so it won’t occupy any space in your home.

Conclusion Studies have shown that the qigong movement offers a variety of health and lifestyle benefits. It is generally safe and easy to practice for nearly all ages. It helps in reducing depression and anxiety while relieving stress-causing symptoms within the body. Thus, restoring peace and calm within the body. You can start practicing qigong exercises under a certified practitioner to reap the marvelous benefits of qigong exercises.

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