This time-tested method is quick and simple to perform and may improve your health. It’s probably fair to say that a lot of us are experiencing higher levels of stress right now. You certainly want to take action to reduce your stress levels and enhance your health. However, do you actually have enough time to do so?

No matter how busy your schedule is, you can always take out 10 minutes of your day to practice qigong regularly. This traditional Chinese medicine helps ease stress and improve the way your body functioning.

This traditional method offers incredible potential health advantages and does not call for any specialized equipment or training. 

The practice of qigong began around 4,000 years ago in China. The practice of qigong began around 4,000 years ago in China. It is founded on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which assert that the body of every individual contains energy or qi. 

On the basis of the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, it is vital for the qi to circulate in the entire body so that a person can feel well enough. If the qi remains stagnant at a place, then it might lead to a rise in health issues. 

Simple postures and breathing techniques are used in qigong to encourage a balanced qi circulation and lessen qi blockage. The body’s natural healing mechanisms can be activated with the aid of optimal qi flow. The term “qigong” literally translates into “working with the qi”. 

It has been found that qigong has a number of advantages. Qigong is safe to be practiced by almost any individual because of its safe and simple nature. The following are the possible benefits of qigong:

Enhanced physical health

Qigong involves a variety of body movements that train the body’s muscles collectively to stimulate them. As qigong is practiced, blood flow rises, allowing for increased circulation and nutrient delivery throughout the body. Sufficient nutrients and oxygen are being delivered to the cells of the body, which enhances their general performance. As a result of the natural dynamic stretching that occurs during many of the motions, qigong also improves motion range and flexibility. This also aids in maintaining healthy body weight and qigong for weight loss is suggested. 

Stress alleviation 

Qigong is also found to be effective in stimulating the natural happy hormones of the body which include dopamine and serotonin. These neurotransmitters provide us with the positive emotions we so frequently seek out after a difficult day. It is a renowned fact that the mind and body are interconnected, and the movement of the body during practicing qigong allows the nervous system to calm down. 

Enhanced sleep 

Qigong allows the body to enter into a relaxed state of mind for a deep sleep that restores the energy of the body and allows healing as well. This is partly due to Qi Gong’s capacity to support us in preserving a harmonious balance between our energies.  With these benefits, people are suggested to practice qigong to maintain their health. Take the assistance of a qigong coach to get optimum results. 

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