Unproductive Core Beliefs

UNPRODUCTIVE CORE BELIEFS Deeply held unproductive assumptions about ourselves, other people, the world, and the future. Core beliefs usually develop in childhood, or during stressful

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Feelings of Grief

FEELINGS OF GRIEF I can’t do anything and hope someone also can help.  Abandoned Abused Accused Ashamed Betrayed Cheated Despair Disappointed Embarrassed Forgotten Guilty Heart-broken

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Feelings of Anger

FEELINGS OF ANGER The desire to hurt other people or break things, but with hesitation. Aggressive Annoyed Argumentative Boiling Corrupt Crushing Defiant Demanding Destructive Disgust

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Feelings of Apathy

FEELINGS OF APATHY Lack of desire or interest. Withdraw and pretend to be weak not to get hurt. Bored Can’t win Careless Cold Cut-off Dead

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Feelings of Fear

FEELINGS OF FEAR The desire to do something but not doing it because we can get hurt. Anxious Cautious Lack of confidence Lack of courage

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